L502.exe.bin: Argument list too long

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This error occurs during a dihedral scan causing an abrupt stop with an error like such:

/apps/gent/SL6/nehalem/software/Gaussian/g09_D.01-intel-2015a-amd64-gpfs/g09/l502.exe: line 102: /apps/gent/SL6/nehalem/software/Gaussian/g09_D.01-intel-2015a-amd64-gpfs/g09/l502.exe.bin: Argument list too long /apps/gent/SL6/nehalem/software/Gaussian/g09_D.01-intel-2015a-amd64-gpfs/g09/l502.exe: line 102: /apps/gent/SL6/nehalem/software/Gaussian/g09_D.01-intel-2015a-amd64-gpfs/g09/l502.exe.bin: Success

Switching the Gaussian module to one compiled with an older toolset fixes it. This suggests a compile issue or may indicate a library conflict.