Sub-Space-Matrix is not hermitian

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Most common reasons:

unreasonable input geometry (e.g. after a relaxation step)
Solution: fix geometry
Error encountered when initializing a parallelized ISIF=3 relaxation
Solution: Replacing e.g. NPAR=4 with NCORE=16 has in some cases solved the problem
problems during reading of the CHGCAR file (e.g. complaint that the dimensions have changed after a change in k-point grid)
Solution: remove CHGCAR file and start density from scratch
problems during initialization altogether
Solution: try completing the run and restarting with from the CHGCAR and WAVECAR; if that does not work: try the same with IALGO=48 (may give related warnings before restarting)
From the VASP forum: If the error persist although you switched to the Davidson algorithm:
on some architectures (especially SGI) some LAPACK routines are not working
properly. However, it is possible to avoid the usage of the ZHEGV subroutine by commenting the line #define USE_ZHEEVX in davidson.F, subrot.F, and
wavpre_noio.F and recompiling VASP.
--->If VASP is not well-compiled for the architecture being used, reducing NCORE might solve the problem altogether.

if nothing else works: try changing PREC Normal to Accurate