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PSMAXN for non-local potential too small

the old and the new charge density differ

Sub-Space-Matrix is not hermitian

VERY BAD NEWS! internal error in subroutine IBZKPT

CNORMN: search vector ill defined

DENTET: can't reach specified precision

Your highest band is occupied at some k-points!

VASP Errors

Error EDDDAV: Call to ZHEGV failed

Error EDDRMM: Call to ZHEGV failed

VERY BAD NEWS! internal error in subroutine INVGRP

accuracy reached - accuracy cannot be reached

ERROR: missing or invalid vector defining dimer

No initial positions read in

VERY BAD NEWS! internal error in subroutine PRICEL

ERROR FEXCP: supplied Exchange-correletion table is too small

Error code was IERR=5 ... . Found N= 0 data.

internal error in FOCK_ACC: number of k-points incorrect

ERROR: there must be 1 or 3 items on line 2 of POSCAR

internal error in RAD_INT: RHOPS /= RHOAE

EDWAV: internal error, the gradient is not orthogonal

LAPACK: Routine ZPOTRF failed!

ERROR in subspace rotation PSSYEVX: not enough eigenvalues found

VERY BAD NEWS! internal error in subroutine SGRGEN: Too many elements

VERY BAD NEWS! internal error in subroutine SGRCON: Found some non-integer element in rotation matrix

System and fortran Errors

exit status of rank 9: killed by signal 9

integer divide by zero

Calculation hangs at high k-point parallellization

Fatal error in MPI_Allreduce: Message truncated, error stack:

Fatal error in PMPI_Allgatherv: Internal MPI error!, error stack

Odd behavior

internal ERROR RSPHER:running out of buffer

Hard potentials

Suspicious behaviour of the local potential

Large positive energies for vdW-DF functional

Some warnings to add here can be found at the bottom of [[1]]